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Custom Software Development

We develop and manage highly complex software solutions

Our Custom Software Development organizational unit gathers more than 160 professionals of different seniority levels.  We are divided into 4 different labs - Smart Energy & Utility, Digital Finance, E-Health and Projects & Services. Depending on projects, we use different technology stack.

Our software developers’ expertise is constantly growing – we utilize the best of the trends in programming languages Java, Kotlin, Scala, C#, JavaScript, Typescript, Swift. Backend frameworks: Spring/SpringBoot, Hibernate, NestJS, .NET framework, .NET Core. Frontend frameworks: Angular, React, Vue. Databases - Relational type: Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql and NoSQL type: MongoDB, ElasticSearch.

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Smart Energy & Utilites

We provide solutions for oil, power, gas, extra commodity, water, waste and heating industries.
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Digital Finance

By using various technologies, we create solutions for financial institutions and support them in digital transformation.


We create solutions for clinical and personal data management.
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Projects & Services

We offer services in the area of software engineering by being able to adapt to clients’ needs for implementing software development projects.

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