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Developing Developers Program

We have created intensive paid 4-month training program which gives opportunity to candidates with no previous experience to start career in IT. During four months of this program, interns attend lectures in different fields of programming. At the end of this process, interns work on an internal project, which is then presented in the form of a final knowledge test.

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Responsibility, growth and Lifelong learning are the values you will find when you work with us. We support young people and you will start a company path in Engineering Software Lab where you can grow project after project, realizing dreams and expectations.

Our Values


Lifelong learning

We believe that the learning process never ends. The professional and personal development of employees is our paramount.


We are proud to make a positive difference to the businesses, communities and individuals that we work with. We learn from our experiences to enable continual growth. We dare to tackle the old ways and look to always change for the better. That’s why Engineering Group is considered to be among the world’s leaders in digital transformation processes, and that why we are proud to be its part


We regard every customer as the most important one, and every customer’s need as our priority. We value taking responsibility because it gives us a determination to leave things better than we found them.

Our Benefits

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Our Benefits


Hybrid model of work

Our employees can choose whether they will work from home or in the office. As long as they have a good internet connectivity, they can work from any place in Serbia.

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