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What is Developing Developers program?

Over the years, our training program has proven to be a great way for talented people to start their careers in the Serbian IT industry. Regardless of previously acquired experience and technical knowledge, they can apply for our program. Applicants are only required to have basic programing (OOP) knowledge and desire to upgrade it in a professional working environment. This program is not a standard internship that serves as a way to gain your certificate needed to fill pre-exam obligations on the universities. As the name of this program says, we are „Developing developers”. In other words, we are hiring a group of new employees and through a carefully designed program develop their skills and knowledge needed to become productive and full members of the Engineering family.

Stages of the Program

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Initial Training

After signing up a contract interns go through a paid 4-month training program provided by our company in cooperation with our associates, professors from different higher educational institutions.
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Onboarding on project

After the initial training, interns are assigned to different projects within our company. With the help of assigned mentors interns gradually become a part of our teams, In other words, they become our new colleagues.
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Performance evaluation

Our new employees and their progress are carefully followed and evaluated by their senior colleagues. Since they are a part of a highly professional international environment our new colleagues can further advance their IT career within Engineering family.

Custom made program

The training program is designed in accordance with the company's technology stack. Intense training program requires a full time (9 – 17h) presence during the working week from the first day of this program. Interactive nature of this training is reflected in the fact that our interns can master theoretical part of the curriculum with the help of our professional associates but also apply the gained knowledge in practice. Namely, beside the day-to-day small practical tasks, in the end of the training period interns are divided in small groups and their task is to simulate a small project. The results of their projects are presented and evaluated.
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Selection process

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