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Reopening the office

Reopening the office

It's good to be back!

Belgrade, July 12 2021

We took advantage of the current stable situation regarding the pandemic and reopened the offices during the summer. Our colleagues have the opportunity to get together and work & socialize in the real space again. For many colleagues, who joined us during the pandemic, this is an opportunity to get to know the company in a non-virtual environment 😊

After a long time, a laugh echoed in the hallways! Some say that their clothes are tight, others are trying to find a new routine, but all of our colleagues are happy to finally see and hear each other in person, despite keeping a physical distance 😊

The period behind us has shown that the typical work from the office model will be replaced with a hybrid model that combines remote work and work from the office. Therefore, we decided to test how the hybrid model works in practice during this favorable period during the summer. We will collect the impressions of all colleagues and see how we can tailor it to our needs.
Until then, let’s enjoy this summertime.
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